Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in March: A Deep Dive Analysis

Welcome back to the Lightmarkets Blog! In this video, we’ll delve into my top three cryptos to buy for March, anticipating significant movements in the next two months. As a seasoned crypto angel investor with over five years of experience and investments in over 100 crypto companies, I share insights on market trends and investment strategies.

Last Month’s Altcoin Gem Picks Recap

In the previous month’s Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in March, we highlighted several altcoins that showed promise. Notably, SuperVerse, a gaming crypto, experienced substantial growth from 30 cents to $146. Paid Network, a leading launchpad, saw a 40% increase from 24 to 33 cents. Additionally, we discussed ENU, the leading meme coin on AVAX, which more than doubled from $12.18 to $28.37. Decentralized Social remained a top conviction pick for the year.

Top Altcoin Picks for March

1. Cryptos to Buy: Polygon (MATIC)

Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in March

Polygon, one of the top three layer 2 solutions for Ethereum, stands out with a current market cap of $11 billion. Despite its valuation, I believe it’s undervalued compared to other market leaders. Two significant catalyst events are on the horizon for Polygon:

  • Polygon Layer Technology Upgrade: This involves aggregating liquidity and decentralized applications on sub-networks under Polygon, enhancing cross-chain DeFi applications.
  • DK EVM Narrative on March 13th: Ethereum’s EIP-4844 upgrade benefits DK rollup layer 2 blockchains, reducing fees and sparking a race for DK EVM blockchains to go live.

With these developments, Polygon is positioned to capture significant attention, potentially outperforming competitors and recommended Cryptos to Buy in March.

2. Ribbon Finance (RBN)

Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in March

Ribbon Finance, valued at $770 million, is undergoing a rebrand to AO, a decentralized exchange for perpetual futures. It has already surpassed competitors like dydx in daily trading volume, reaching $300 million. Two exciting events in March include an official airdrop and a token generation event (TGE) for the new AO token. The TGE marks the migration from RBN to AO, offering an opportunity for existing token holders.

3. Arweave (AR)

Top 3 Cryptos to Buy in March

The last pick Cryptos to Buy in March is Arweave. Areweave, a familiar name in previous cycles, re-emerges with AO Computer, a decentralized and scalable computing layer sitting on top of R-Weave. AO Computer’s modular approach allows it to run various virtual machines, making it a versatile and decentralized computing platform. The recent launch of AO has reignited social media interest, indicating a potential shift in sentiment.

Projections and Strategies

Looking at the market caps of these coins, Areweave (AR) token, with a market cap just under $2 billion, seems undervalued compared to Filecoin’s $20 billion and ICP’s $6.8 billion. Considering the potential of AO Computer, I believe R-Weave has room for significant growth.

Timing and Entry Strategies

  • Polygon (MATIC): Entry points around $119 offer potential buying opportunities. A breakout above $118 signals a bullish trend, providing an entry on a retest.
  • Ribbon Finance (RBN): Aim for entry points in the range of 55 to 62 cents, looking for potential pullbacks to accumulate more.
  • R-Weave (AR): A breakout from the resistance range at $16 to $19 has occurred. Consider entering on a retest around $19 to $20 if it happens.


These top three Cryptos to Buy in March and beyond. Considering fundamental catalysts, tokenomics, and valuations, these picks are aligned with potential market trends. Always perform thorough research and analysis before making investment decisions.

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